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        January 29, 2004
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        November 8, 2010

Tax Links

> IRS Noncorporate Tax Interest Calculator
([Acrobat logo] Acrobat format). We wrote this program ourselves.

> IRS Free File Fillable Forms
IRS has arranged a new Free File Fillable Forms service with outside software companies. It permits completion and e-filing of your tax return in a cloud computing environment.

> Internal Revenue Tax Forms and Instructions

> State Revenue Department Tax Forms and Instructions, courtesy of the Federation of Tax Administrators
> State Revenue Department Tax Forms and Instructions , courtesy of the New York State Society of CPAs

> Federal Severe Storm Extensions
IRS frequently issues two-month automatic extensions, including abatement of interest and penalty, from the date that a severe storm hits your area. Check the list of storm extensions here. The abatement period applies to all taxes, including those assessed subsequent to filing the return. This can result in a substantial tax savings. State severe storm extensions don't necessarily follow the federal extension, so check the state filing status separately.

> State Tax Amnesties
Delinquent on your state tax obligations? Check whether your state has instituted (or recently concluded) a tax amnesty. These usually run just two or three months, so hurry.

> IRS Small Business Video and Audio Presentations
Dozens of how-to videos including handling IRS notices and tax audits, outsourcing payroll, identity theft, applying for an employer ID number, and how to choose a tax preparer.

> IRS Tax Practitioner Video and Audio Presentations
More how-to videos but geared toward tax professionals, including handling of correspondence audits, collection, disaster relief, preparer penalties, and promoting e-filing.

> Eight Videos on How to Take a Case to Tax Court
U.S. Tax Court has prepared how-to videos geared toward taxpayers, including process, operation of the court, filing a petition, and the trial through decision.

> Currency Converter, with historical currency exchange rates